Published On: June 7, 20210.8 min read

Mandatory Hello World Post

Redesigning my website after years of relying on social media. I always thought that it would be cool to show all the stages of throughout the last 20 years, from humble Geocities and to its own spot under the sun with a proper URL.


Build on which was a similar WYSIWYG service similar to Geocities at the time and rerouted through URL link shortener. Remember when “Guestbook” was an essential part of the website and community building?


Geocities build in Dreamweaver. Remember when sites included the “links section” for helpful reference? You can clearly see the evolution in monitor size and resolution.
Turns out the majority of alterations are super cringy and hard to look at which in hindsight I guess is the whole point.
Most importantly I need this post to see how the blog grid looks.

Don’t keep this to yourself!

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